Enter the first six digits of a payment card for lookup; whether it is a credit, debit, charge or a prepaid card. Now sit back relaxing while we lightning-fast performing BIN lookup on our daily updated database, presenting all the secured information related to the entered bank identification number.

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About BIN List Knowledge 101

Credit Card BIN List Lookup
Credit Card BIN List Lookup

A BIN is a Bank (Issuer) ID Number. It happens to be the very first six digits on your credit card. With that six magical numbers, bankbinlist.com can perform the so-called BIN search to look up for different information related to the bank issuer and the card's attributes. Some of BIN search examples are as below:

411241 380345 330118

For many sellers, this piece of data reveals really essential information for operation of payments and detection of fraudulent activities.

The "BIN", which stands for Bank Identification Number, has the length varied by the network typically 6 first digits of the card. In some very rare cases, the BIN can be up to 9 digits.

Some of the important informations about BIN ranges are:

bankbinlist provides over 300,000 BIN numbers with frequently updated lists. In the case that a provided card number from a customer that not relatively matching with the BIN info, a merchant should raise some doubt and proceed with cautions.

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