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Name Bank Issuer Network Type BIN
United States VISA credit 46566297
United States United Services Of America F.c.u. VISA credit 412159
United States Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. VISA debit 41365810
Cameroon Bankfirst VISA debit 40207888
Malaysia VISA debit 44230032
Germany VISA credit 42003425
United States Dfcu Financial VISA debit 42010155
Dominican Republic WIRECARD BANK AG VISA credit 482495
Georgia Mbna Europe Bank, Ltd. VISA debit 420672312
United States Bank Of Nova Scotia VISA credit 45356807
El Salvador Toronto-dominion Bank VISA debit 45213826
United States Bank Of Nova Scotia VISA debit 45356863
Vietnam VISA debit 40969742
Kenya Alcoa F.c.u. VISA credit 44772957
Germany VISA debit 47264403
Cambodia La Federation Des Caisses Desjardins Du Quebec VISA credit 45408115
Côte d'Ivoire Bank Of America, N.a. VISA debit 44824306
United States Banco Nacional De Fomento VISA credit 41526267
Denmark Nets A/s VISA debit 44325543
Japan VISA credit 470827
Nigeria National City Bank VISA debit 44893514
Egypt Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447527271
Egypt Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447527986
Kenya VISA debit 44969902
United States Cjsc Alfa-bank VISA credit 42010602
United States Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. VISA debit 46040462
Trinidad and Tobago Intercommercial Bank, Ltd. VISA debit 44152271
Mexico Hsbc VISA debit 491089613
United States VISA debit 465365
India Icba Bancard VISA debit 44199736
Brazil WIRECARD BANK AG VISA debit 464626
Dominican Republic Tapiola Pankki Oy VISA debit 46200511
United States VISA credit 454753
United States VISA debit 48183493
United States VISA credit 48184958
United Arab Emirates Town North Bank, N.a. VISA credit 45021810
United States Banco Tornquist, S.a. VISA debit 45098966
Azerbaijan Atabank Commercial Bank VISA credit 413859
United States North Community Bank VISA credit 43851177
United States Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. VISA debit 46063265
United States Anz Bank, Ltd. VISA debit 46228193
United States Memphis Area Teachers C.u. VISA credit 468716
Lebanon First Interstate Bank VISA debit 48032582
United States Huntington National Bank VISA debit 440147
Qatar Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447526049
United States Seasons F.c.u. VISA debit 44944493
United States Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. VISA debit 443666
United States VISA debit 45662508
Democratic Republic of the Congo VISA credit 46170833
United States Olympic Community F.c.u. VISA credit 42246007
Singapore The Development Bank Of Singapore Limited VISA credit 45562216
Honduras Td Canada Trust Bank VISA debit 45214261
Serbia National City Bank VISA debit 44895639
United States VISA debit 46128989
Denmark Inverunion, Banco Comercial, C.a. VISA debit 45249003
United States Chase Bank Usa, N.a. VISA debit 46101670
Poland Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.a. (bank Pekao Sa) VISA credit 406328
United States Egg Banking Plc VISA debit 42908275
United States Unicre - Instituicao Financeira De Credito, S.a. VISA debit 41502169
Switzerland VISA credit 47828319
United States VISA credit 44230158
South Korea Mbna America Bank VISA debit 48007188
United States Banco Sabadell, S.a. VISA debit 45086568
United States Tcm Bank, N.a. VISA debit 44926897
United States United States Trust Company, N.a. VISA debit 46011768
United States Ibew And United Workers F.c.u. VISA credit 465647
United States VISA credit 48174929
United States Vermont National Bank VISA debit 414135
India STATE BANK OF INDIA VISA debit 459171
Bulgaria VISA debit 43950098
Singapore United Overseas Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 45418359
Ghana Bc Card Co., Ltd. VISA debit 44819138
United States Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. VISA credit 443632
United States Valley Independent Bank VISA debit 46408524
United States Ocala National Bank VISA debit 42705240
Botswana Banco De Venezuela, S.a. VISA debit 45563160
United States Peoples National Bank VISA credit 484226
United States Oceanfirst Bank VISA debit 413916
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