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Teller, A.s. BIN Lookup

Teller, A.s. - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Network Type Sub Brand BIN
Norway VISA debit PLATINUM 494658
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719583
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268804
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268817
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880514
Denmark MASTERCARD credit BUSINESS 558631
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719509
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268866
Denmark MASTERCARD credit PLATINIUM 521351
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268878
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456934
Norway VISA credit GOLD 434696
Belgium VISA debit BUSINESS 456958
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268824
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456930
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456942
Norway MASTERCARD credit STANDARD 540618
Norway VISA credit PREMIER 494682
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268805093
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719534
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719589
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268890
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 492576
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131769
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268836
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131744
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268848
Denmark MASTERCARD credit PLATINIUM 521349
Norway VISA credit TRADITIONAL 403053
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880512
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719574
Colombia VISA credit PLATINUM 492590
Singapore VISA credit PLATINUM 492513
Norway VISA debit CLASSIC 466395
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719512
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131785
Norway VISA debit CLASSIC 492567
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719598
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719565
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268816
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 457915
Denmark MASTERCARD credit STANDARD 546310
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 512733
Denmark MASTERCARD debit DEBIT GOLD 517034
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719533
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 441014
Norway VISA credit BUSINESS 456987
Norway VISA credit TRADITIONAL 416493
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268825
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 441026
Norway VISA credit BUSINESS 485642
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719521
Norway MASTERCARD credit PLATINIUM 51268805627
Norway VISA debit CLASSIC 492542
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456914
United Kingdom VISA debit BUSINESS 456973
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 431316
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131761
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131738
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268849
Norway VISA credit TRADITIONAL 417229
Norway VISA debit NULL 456937
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 445035
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880517
Chile VISA credit TRADITIONAL 456931
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131765
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268805092
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719575
Norway MASTERCARD credit PLATINIUM 523934
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268879
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131721
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131725
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880566
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880506
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 402881
Norway VISA credit PURCHASING 480440
Brazil VISA credit BUSINESS 457937
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719541
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 431087
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 457945
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BIN List Teller, A.s.
BIN List Teller, A.s.

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