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Teller, A.s. BIN Lookup

Teller, A.s. - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Network Type Sub Brand BIN
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 419376
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880507
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131786
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 431312
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268805623
Norway MASTERCARD credit DEBIT 518804
Denmark MASTERCARD debit DEBIT GOLD 517034
Brazil VISA credit TRADITIONAL 457943
Norway VISA credit TRADITIONAL 494630
Norway VISA credit PURCHASING 448424
Denmark MASTERCARD credit BUSINESS 558624
Norway VISA debit PLUS 415054
France VISA debit TRADITIONAL 456945
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719556
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719568
Mozambique VISA credit BUSINESS 457918
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 441014
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131713
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268845
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719577
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456930
Norway MASTERCARD credit PLATINIUM 51268805627
Denmark MASTERCARD credit PLATINIUM 515613
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 431091
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 541398
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 427279
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268821
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 541373
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719505
Norway VISA debit CLASSIC 430266
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880504
Denmark MASTERCARD credit STANDARD 541280
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131791
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 529798
Belgium VISA debit BUSINESS 456958
Costa Rica VISA debit TRADITIONAL 456954
Jordan VISA credit SIGNATURE 457924
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719531
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 431313
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456929
Norway MASTERCARD credit BUSINESS 547865
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131729
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268812
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268835
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268859
Sweden MASTERCARD debit PREPAID 533980
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 456972
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 533617
Norway VISA debit BUSINESS 456932
Norway MASTERCARD credit STANDARD 539851
Norway VISA credit TRADITIONAL 403053
Denmark MASTERCARD credit BUSINESS 547499
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 512733
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719567
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 456953
Denmark MASTERCARD credit GOLD 557067
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719537
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268874
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268805096
Norway VISA debit CLASSIC 412491
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 5126880506
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131762
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131775
Norway VISA debit ELECTRON 419377
Norway VISA debit TRADITIONAL 427280
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131746
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268889
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268862
Norway MASTERCARD credit GOLD 51268805093
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719501
United States VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46719585
France VISA credit INFINITE 456955
Denmark MASTERCARD credit BUSINESS 547505
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131717
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131757
Costa Rica VISA debit PLATINUM 492521
Norway VISA debit GOLD 43131777
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BIN List Teller, A.s.
BIN List Teller, A.s.

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