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PLATINUM card BIN Lookup

PLATINUM card - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Network Type BIN
Mexico Banco Nacional Del Ejercito, Fuerza Aerea Y Armada, S.n.c. VISA credit 49134387
Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank (hong Kong), Ltd. VISA credit 419078
United Arab Emirates Dubai Islamic Bank VISA credit 41015692
Malaysia Aib Group (uk) Plc VISA credit 44623196
India Kleinbank VISA debit 44264936
Bahrain Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447525561
Oman VISA debit 460012094
South Africa VISA debit 44166503
Qatar Credit Agricole, S.a. VISA credit 45586673
Russian Federation Bank Of America MASTERCARD credit 54257747
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank VISA credit 44557648
France VISA debit 49834547
Oman VISA debit 460012682
United States Central Indiana Schools Community F.c.u. VISA credit 470030
India ICICI BANK, LTD. VISA credit 472645
Egypt Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447527419
United Arab Emirates First Edition Community C.u. VISA credit 45021923
China Credit Agricole, S.a. VISA credit 455894
Jordan Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447522473
Ukraine VISA credit 400644
Malaysia Maybank VISA credit 48428101
Malta VISA credit 47096173
South Africa Southern Commerce Bank, N.a. VISA debit 46127925
United Kingdom VISA credit 48174424
Russian Federation VISA debit 48317500
Cyprus Korea Exchange Bank VISA credit 48373688
Qatar Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447526513
China Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. VISA credit 43015823
Bahrain Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447525476
United Arab Emirates United Overseas Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 45030269
Vietnam Banco Gnb Sudameris, S.a. VISA credit 45408354
France VISA debit 49834593
Hong Kong Boc Credit Card (international), Ltd. VISA credit 493885
Oman VISA debit 460012686
India LAKSHMI VILAS BANK VISA debit 469330
South Africa Firstrand Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 490136
Oman VISA debit 460012567
India Nippon Shinpan Co., Ltd. VISA debit 44230547
Malaysia VISA debit 46322581
Russian Federation VISA credit 476296
Oman VISA debit 460012253
Lebanon VISA credit 41025103
Saudi Arabia U.s. Bank, N.a. VISA debit 44444285
Australia Macquarie Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 49841515
Philippines Standard Chartered Bank VISA credit 44508628
United Arab Emirates Mashreqbank VISA credit 45790932
Saudi Arabia ARAB NATIONAL BANK VISA credit 45503599
Bahrain Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447525498
Qatar Barwa Bank VISA debit 420375794
France VISA debit 40100601
Brazil Bank Of Hawaii VISA credit 48114016
France VISA credit 46982906
Mexico Banco Nacional De Mexico, S.a. VISA debit 44154563
France VISA credit 49834669
United States Citibank VISA credit 455603
India VISA debit 44688978
Lebanon Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447528463
Caribbean Netherlands Toronto-dominion Bank VISA credit 45214032
Hong Kong Citibank (hong Kong), Ltd. VISA credit 40285662
Cyprus Bn Bank Asa VISA debit 48373881
Oman VISA debit 460012508
Singapore VISA debit 48115577
France VISA debit 49834528
Russian Federation MASTERCARD credit 52482988
United Arab Emirates Arab Bank Plc VISA debit 447521419
Russian Federation VISA credit 40378001
United States VISA credit 43864725
India Tmb Bank Public Co., Ltd. VISA debit 44230808
Russian Federation First Interstate Bank VISA debit 43008881
Mauritius VISA debit 48501924
United Arab Emirates Mashreqbank VISA credit 45790817
Brazil Banco Santos, S.a. VISA credit 430415
France VISA credit 49834188
South Africa VISA credit 44166416
United Arab Emirates Mashreqbank VISA credit 45790829
United Kingdom Cater Allen, Ltd. VISA credit 47929475
United Arab Emirates Adcb VISA credit 47974680
United States Capital One, N.a. VISA credit 487313
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