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GOLD card BIN Lookup

GOLD card - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Network Type BIN
Russian Federation Ojsc Bank Uralsib MASTERCARD credit 539710
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) VISA credit 49787329
Egypt Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. VISA credit 45226766
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) VISA credit 49789998
United Arab Emirates Citibank VISA credit 49208280
Latvia As Dnb Nord Banka VISA credit 49996224
Luxembourg Banque Invik, S.a. VISA credit 45676997
Moldova Jscb Victoriabank MASTERCARD credit 557112
France VISA credit 49833690
United States Lasalle Bank Midwest, N.a. MASTERCARD credit 51547040
Germany Deutscher Sparkassen Und Giroverband VISA credit 44759211
Russian Federation Jscb Primorye VISA debit 416951
Côte d'Ivoire VISA debit 48146421
Singapore Dbs Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 45562121
France VISA debit 44632624
France Natixis VISA credit 497422761
Italy VISA credit 46427270
France Natixis VISA debit 49756146
Ukraine MASTERCARD credit 53448510
Lao People's Democratic Republic VISA credit 46875742
Saint-Martin (Pays-Bas) VISA credit 45769410
South Africa VISA credit 44166790
France Credit Agricole, S.a. VISA credit 45585005
Japan Dogin Card Co., Ltd. VISA credit 492286
China Bank Of Shanghai MASTERCARD credit 5201310314
Germany Deutscher Sparkassen Und Giroverband VISA credit 44758848
Germany Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. MASTERCARD credit 54944039
Italy Toronto-dominion Bank VISA credit 45204131
Madagascar Credit Agricole, S.a. VISA debit 45582918
Panama VISA credit 45466939
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) VISA debit 49780441
China MASTERCARD debit 518475
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) VISA credit 47969091
Kenya American States Employees Federal Creditunion VISA debit 44772838
United Kingdom Chase Bank Usa, N.a. VISA debit 45595762
South Africa Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. VISA debit 44159683
Ukraine Usaa Savings Bank MASTERCARD credit 54584439
Ukraine MASTERCARD credit 53448550
Hungary Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. MASTERCARD credit 51605025
Albania Bank Of Nova Scotia VISA debit 45379420
Mauritania Credit Agricole, S.a. VISA debit 45582967
Ukraine MASTERCARD credit 53448538
Taiwan Mbna America Bank VISA credit 48009212
United Arab Emirates VISA credit 45726848
Poland Efg Eurobank Ergasias, S.a. VISA credit 406307
Turkey Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi, A.s. MASTERCARD credit 5400615010
France Natixis VISA credit 49756092
Argentina Argencard, S.a. MASTERCARD credit 532388
Brazil Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. MASTERCARD credit 51805375
Hungary Stonebridge Bank VISA debit 44796139
Singapore Dbs Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 45562117
Ukraine Public Jsc Vtb Bank MASTERCARD credit 537708
Singapore United Overseas Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 45418215
Russian Federation Bank Vtb24 (cjsc) VISA credit 42723039
France VISA credit 49833806
France Natixis VISA credit 49756068
France Natixis VISA debit 49756322
South Africa South Carolina Bank And Trust, N.a. VISA credit 44170487
Singapore VISA debit 40766138
Malaysia Hong Leong VISA credit 49028143
South Korea Samsung Card Co., Ltd. MASTERCARD credit 52002575
France VISA credit 49901083
Belarus Etowah Bank MASTERCARD credit 54465584
United Kingdom VISA debit 45204507
Czech Republic VISA credit 40052446
South Africa MASTERCARD credit 529874
Austria MASTERCARD credit 52239023
Romania Banc Post, S.a. VISA debit 47973930
Turkey Finansbank, A.s. VISA credit 49985262
Germany Banco Nacional De Mexico, S.a. MASTERCARD credit 52062245
United States Investicni A Postovni Banka, A.s. MASTERCARD credit 54462675
Russian Federation Ural Bank For Reconstruction And Development Jsc VISA debit 43018108
France Natixis VISA credit 497422821
South Korea Vnesheconombank - The Bank For Foreign Economic Affairs Of MASTERCARD credit 52098215
Russian Federation Bank Vtb24 (cjsc) VISA debit 48934786
Dominican Republic Banco Bhd, S.a., Banco Mzltiple VISA debit 434092
Thailand Citibank VISA credit 45559630
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