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Citicorp BIN Lookup

Citicorp - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Network Type Sub Brand BIN
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832873
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832885
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030406
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030431
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030253
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030272
Brazil VISA debit NULL 460302
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763751
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832817
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763732
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839835
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030244
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030444
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030280
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030460
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030240
China VISA debit TRADITIONAL 408575
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030243
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030422
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030274
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763745
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763730
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839819
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839807
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030262
United States VISA debit BUSINESS 440590
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030488
Uruguay VISA credit CORPORATE 46030404
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832878
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030287
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030438
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030458
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832872
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832818
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030225
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832804
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839884
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030430
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030241
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030461
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839868
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030426
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832828
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030472
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832850
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030498
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839811
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839808
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030259
United States VISA debit ELECTRON 478720
Philippines VISA debit TRADITIONAL 448328
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832874
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832875
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832879
Uruguay VISA credit CORPORATE 46030403
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839888
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839892
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832859
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030273
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030427
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763748
Greece VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46030204
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030238
Uruguay VISA credit CORPORATE 46030401
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832819
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030437
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030473
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763747
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030252
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030499
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030223
United States VISA debit BUSINESS 478721
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030477
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763777
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832831
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030465
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030263
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030429
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030409
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030413
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BIN List Citicorp
BIN List Citicorp

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