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Citicorp BIN Lookup

Citicorp - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Network Type Sub Brand BIN
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832854
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030241
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030271
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030487
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832853
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030459
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030435
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839810
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030240
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763718
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832880
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839838
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839897
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030450
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832816
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030424
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839893
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030231
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030267
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763756
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763752
United States VISA debit ELECTRON 478720
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832864
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030259
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832835
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832804
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839856
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030448
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030232
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763701
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763764
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763728
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832830
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763705
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763730
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030406
Austria VISA debit NULL 448398
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030272
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030284
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832872
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763781
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030484
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030239
Peru VISA debit PREPAID 462771
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030420
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030412
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839809
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839898
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030473
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763706
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763731
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839886
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832803
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839846
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763757
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832819
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030283
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832839
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030486
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030261
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030421
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030254
Greece VISA credit BUSINESS 46030266
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763765
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763782
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763704
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832859
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030409
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030434
Uruguay VISA credit GOLD 46030446
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763754
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763750
Greece VISA credit TRADITIONAL 46030210
Congo VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44832884
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839808
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839892
Sierra Leone VISA debit TRADITIONAL 44839836
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763767
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763715
Germany VISA credit GOLD 44763784
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BIN List Citicorp
BIN List Citicorp

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