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BUSINESS card BIN Lookup

BUSINESS card - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Network Type BIN
Greece VISA debit 46019633
Uruguay Argencard, S.a. MASTERCARD credit 547296
United States VISA debit 48167147
United States Bankfinancial VISA debit 44179527
France U.s. Bank N.a. Nd VISA credit 46103252
Japan VISA credit 47084927
Peru VISA credit 499879
United States Icba Bancard VISA debit 477466
Costa Rica Banco De Costa Rica VISA credit 448705
Russian Federation Cb Moskommertsbank VISA debit 428288
France Natixis VISA debit 497558814
Kazakhstan VISA debit 44504536
Italy VISA debit 46373980
Japan Dc Card Co., Ltd. MASTERCARD credit 52125488
United States Riverside Community C.u. VISA credit 410445
Liechtenstein VISA credit 46031064
United States National City Bank VISA credit 44361054
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 42732216
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281959
United Arab Emirates VISA credit 48419068
United States Cse F.c.u. VISA debit 474750
Italy VISA credit 46426677
France Natixis VISA debit 497516892
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281514
United States Bc Card Co., Ltd. VISA debit 40382090
United States Affinity Plus F.c.u. VISA credit 473978
United States MASTERCARD credit 52618559
United States Mitsubishi Ufj Nicos Co., Ltd. VISA credit 45479086
United States New England Bankcard Association, Inc. MASTERCARD credit 547404
United States Columbus Bank And Trust Company VISA credit 469429
United States VISA credit 44201147
Japan VISA credit 47084964
United States Chase Bank Usa, N.a. VISA credit 426246
France Natixis VISA debit 497526801
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281919
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281343
United States VISA debit 486343
Bahrain MASTERCARD credit 537837
United Arab Emirates Wright Express Financial Services Corporation MASTERCARD credit 555075
United States Chase Manhattan Bank Usa, N.a. MASTERCARD credit 521121
Czech Republic Keybank, N.a. VISA debit 44323025
United States Intercredit Bank, N.a. VISA debit 410260
United Kingdom MASTERCARD credit 51722955
United States DCI credit 364659
France VISA credit 49905199
Japan MASTERCARD credit 535818
France Natixis VISA debit 497596823
Greece Citicorp VISA credit 46030256
United States VISA debit 44969744
India Dena Bank VISA credit 403405
The Netherlands VISA debit 43831277
United States VISA debit 479350
Egypt Barclays Bank - Egypt Sae VISA credit 410112
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) VISA debit 497812601
United Kingdom MASTERCARD credit 51722935
United States St. Marys Bank C.u. VISA debit 471773
France Natixis VISA debit 497579892
United Kingdom North Community Bank VISA debit 44481407
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281402
United States MASTERCARD credit 55301349
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281367
United States VISA debit 474774
Italy Europay France Sas MASTERCARD credit 51336776
Russian Federation MDM BANK OJSC VISA debit 405225
United States VISA credit 44201091
United States Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. VISA debit 453537
France First Data Corporation MASTERCARD credit 51736678
Kyrgyzstan VISA credit 458818
United States VISA debit 463383
China Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. VISA credit 48649358
United States VISA debit 439788
United States Citibank (south Dakota), N.a. VISA debit 43874388
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281327
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281427
Serbia VISA credit 44789809
United States Centerstate Bank Of Florida, N.a. MASTERCARD debit 529216
Australia VISA debit 48302896
United States First Alliance Bank VISA debit 401129
United States Services C.u. VISA debit 44764976
United States Banco Popular Y De Desarrollo Comunal VISA debit 44158504
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