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BUSINESS card BIN Lookup

BUSINESS card - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Network Type BIN
United States Fidelity Information Services, Inc. MASTERCARD credit 558010
Brazil MASTERCARD credit 534342
France Natixis VISA debit 497443
United States Pscu Financial Services, Inc. MASTERCARD credit 547842
Niue Westpac Banking Corporation VISA debit 46408379
United States Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. VISA debit 435516
Italy Cartasi S.p.a. VISA credit 453221
United States State Bank And Trust Company VISA debit 404697
Switzerland Mbna America Bank, N.a. VISA debit 44915579
Ukraine Cjsc Bank Nrb VISA credit 424403
Italy Citibank VISA debit 403084
Belgium VISA debit 40827880
Canada Fifth Third Bank MASTERCARD credit 511139
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) VISA debit 49787366
France CREDIT AGRICOLE, S.A. VISA credit 45584075
United States Wachovia Bank, N.a. VISA debit 400823
South Africa Absa Bank, Ltd. MASTERCARD credit 558596
United States San Diego County C.u. VISA credit 489626
Zambia Citibank (south Dakota), N.a. VISA debit 44987721
Paraguay Banco Itau Paraguay, S.a. VISA credit 426350
The Netherlands VISA debit 43831212
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nova Banka A.d. MASTERCARD credit 547652
United States Arvest Bank VISA debit 490875
United States DINERS DCI credit 364904
United States Toronto-dominion Bank VISA debit 45229810
Poland VISA debit 44177157
United States VISA debit 44738506
United States Comerica MASTERCARD credit 552952
United States Bank Of Nova Scotia VISA debit 45379070
United States First Alliance Bank VISA debit 401129
United States United States Trust Company, N.a. VISA debit 46011873
Ukraine Cb Privatbank VISA credit 424657
United States Standard Federal Bank VISA debit 43879726
United States VISA debit 410712
United States Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. VISA debit 477344
France Natixis VISA debit 49742266
Azerbaijan Royal Bank Of Baku Jcb VISA debit 432089
Portugal Banco De Alicante, S.a. VISA credit 451156
Japan Dc Card Co., Ltd. MASTERCARD credit 52125610
Jordan VISA credit 464124
United States DCI credit 364268
United States MASTERCARD credit 55302874
Portugal Banco Popular Portugal, S.a. VISA debit 400811
France CREDIT AGRICOLE, S.A. VISA credit 45584025
Bolivia Banco Bisa, S.a. VISA credit 411046
United States First Commonwealth F.c.u. VISA debit 433093
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281454
United States Lakeland Community C.u. VISA credit 403152
Poland CREDIT AGRICOLE, S.A. VISA debit 45583842
Poland VISA credit 499857
France CREDIT AGRICOLE, S.A. VISA credit 45584095
Turkey Finansbank, A.s. MASTERCARD credit 542404
Italy UNIPOL BANCA S.P.A. VISA credit 455072
Poland Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.a. (bank Pekao Sa) MASTERCARD credit 552672
United States VISA debit 48167275
United States Partners Trust Bank VISA debit 44355920
United Arab Emirates Park National Bank VISA credit 44432989
United States U.s. Bank, N.a. VISA credit 474676
United States VISA credit 40055193
France Natixis VISA debit 497579859
United States Bank Of America VISA debit 467147
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Firstcaribbean International Bank (barbados), Ltd. VISA credit 443983
Poland VISA debit 44177168
United States Banco Popular De Puerto Rico VISA debit 45494386
United States DINERS DCI credit 362043
United States First Usa Bank, N.a. VISA credit 44435658
South Africa VISA debit 46126559
France Natixis VISA debit 497596854
United States Wing Hang Bank, Ltd. VISA credit 45539985
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281601
Spain VISA debit 478282
United States Hancock Bank Of Louisiana VISA debit 419303
United States DCI credit 360255
United States VISA debit 48113314
France CREDIT AGRICOLE, S.A. VISA credit 45584087
United States Banco Popular Y De Desarrollo Comunal VISA debit 44158486
Canada VISA credit 48113178
United States Lumbee Guaranty VISA debit 453540
United States VISA credit 417109
France Natixis VISA debit 497576893
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