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BUSINESS card BIN Lookup

BUSINESS card - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Network Type BIN
United States VISA debit 489145
United States Banker's Bank Of Kansas, N.a. VISA credit 44927186
Belgium Teller, A.s. VISA debit 456958
United States Banco Popular Y De Desarrollo Comunal VISA debit 44175415
United States VISA debit 48113229
United Arab Emirates VISA debit 44391228
Bolivia Toronto-dominion Bank VISA credit 45214083
United States VISA credit 44200124
United States DCI credit 364709
France Natixis VISA debit 497436
Japan VISA credit 47087359
United States VISA debit 470148
Dominican Republic FIRST DATA CORPORATION MASTERCARD credit 512938
Poland VISA debit 44641847
France Natixis VISA debit 497526814
United States Rbs Citizens, N.a. VISA debit 465287
United States VISA debit 44200861
Japan VISA credit 47084990
United States DCI credit 360181
United States VISA credit 44642450
Lithuania Swedbank Ab VISA credit 425538
United States Banco Do Brasil, S.a. VISA debit 46120419
United States Anz Bank, Ltd. VISA debit 45098805
United Arab Emirates MASTERCARD credit 53626645
Greece VISA debit 46019673
United States VISA debit 463748
Kazakhstan VISA debit 44630462
United States Banco Popular Y De Desarrollo Comunal VISA debit 44175284
France Chase Bank Usa, N.a. VISA debit 46105924
United Kingdom North Community Bank VISA debit 44481391
France Chase Bank Usa, N.a. VISA debit 46105944
United States Bankcard Service Japan Co., Ltd. VISA debit 45313632
United States M And I (marshall And Ilsley) Bank VISA debit 480282
United States Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. VISA debit 453548
United States VISA credit 48113196
United States Community Bank And Trust, Waco, Texas VISA debit 489554
Serbia Unicredit Bank Serbia Jsc Belgrad VISA debit 402966
Croatia Erste And Steiermarkische Bank D.d. VISA credit 472801
United States AMCORE BANK, N.A. VISA debit 464206
United States Bank Of America, N.a. VISA debit 46352831
United States Banco Popular Y De Desarrollo Comunal VISA debit 44158482
France Natixis VISA debit 497595819
Poland Bank Millennium Spolka Akcyjna VISA credit 419253
Russian Federation Savings Bank Of The Russian Federation (sberbank) MASTERCARD credit 547961
United States U.s. Bank National Association, Nd VISA credit 443141
United Kingdom VISA debit 44789310
United States Amegy VISA debit 446063
Bolivia Td Canada Trust Bank VISA credit 45214122
United States Its Bank VISA debit 44322664
Greece Panellinia Bank, S.a. VISA credit 407534
Canada VISA debit 45466711
United States VISA debit 42749525
United States United States Trust Company, N.a. VISA debit 46011824
United States VISA debit 470162
Bulgaria Cb Mkb Unionbank, Ltd. MASTERCARD credit 532459
United States Darkcoding VISA credit 491643
Czech Republic Raiffeisenbank, A.s. VISA debit 480234
France Natixis VISA debit 497599805
Greece Citibank Espana, S.a. VISA credit 46030139
France Natixis VISA debit 497580870
Taiwan Taiwan Business Bank VISA credit 480254
Canada VISA credit 48113188
United States VISA debit 479108
United States Bankcard Service Japan Co., Ltd. VISA debit 45313657
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 42732122
United States Popular Bank (ny) VISA debit 45086823
France VISA debit 49902148
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) VISA debit 497889605
United States Banco Popular De Puerto Rico VISA debit 45494390
United Kingdom VISA debit 44789325
United States DINERS DCI credit 365341
United States Sterling Savings Bank VISA debit 416780
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Postova Banka, A.s. MASTERCARD credit 547376
Italy VISA credit 46373722
Lithuania Bankas Snoras MASTERCARD credit 556039
United States Trico Educational F.c.u. VISA debit 43150427
Japan VISA credit 47086761
Gibraltar VISA debit 47965424
Poland Bank Handlowy W Warszawie, S.a. VISA credit 417281321
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