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VISA - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Type Sub Brand BIN
United States Schools Financial C.u. credit TRADITIONAL 473509
Argentina debit TRADITIONAL 434533
Mexico Hsbc Mexico S.a., Institucion De Banca Multiple, Grupo Finan debit TRADITIONAL 430967716
Gabon Metabank debit TRADITIONAL 44824881
United States Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. debit TRADITIONAL 493066
United Arab Emirates Adcb credit PLATINUM 47974637
India Bangor Savings Bank debit PLATINUM 46387021
United States COMMERCIAL BANK OF DUBAI, LTD. credit CORPORATE 46128295
Brazil Banco Bmd, S.a. debit NULL 45114206
Mexico Hsbc Mexico S.a., Institucion De Banca Multiple, Grupo Finan debit TRADITIONAL 430967777
United States Superior Iron Range Community F.c.u. credit TRADITIONAL 408621
United States Tri County Area F.c.u. debit TRADITIONAL 415825
Brazil Banco Do Estado Do Rio Grande Do Sul S/a credit GOLD 491411
Argentina Banco De Balcarce Cooperativo Ltdo. debit TRADITIONAL 45171686
Czech Republic Ge Money Bank, A.s. credit ELECTRON 424336865
Greece Emporiki Bank Of Greece, S.a. credit STANDARD 496061
Benin debit GOLD 40207728
France Caisse Centrale De Credit Mutuel credit GOLD 49770222
Rwanda debit TRADITIONAL 48348880
Turkey debit BUSINESS 487149
Malaysia Standard Chartered Bank (channel Islands), Ltd. credit INFINITE 44622725
Greece Commercial Bank Of Greece credit STANDARD 496020
Brazil Banco Do Brasil, S.a. credit STANDARD 403796
United Kingdom YORKSHIRE BANK debit ATM ONLY 490365
United States Mutual Security Credit Union, Inc. credit TRADITIONAL 46601197
Argentina debit TRADITIONAL 46516454
China Boc Credit Card (international), Ltd. credit STANDARD 455235
United States Beobanka A.d. debit TRADITIONAL 45077363
United Kingdom Barclays Bank Plc credit GOLD 492906
France debit TRADITIONAL 49900762
Spain Banco De Credito Balear, S.a. debit TRADITIONAL 42338111
Israel Bank Leumi Le-israel B.m. credit GOLD 458023
Indonesia Pt. Anz Panin Bank credit PLATINUM 437733
Russian Federation credit PLATINUM 40378075
United States Caisse Nationale De Credit Agricole credit CORPORATE 45583277
Puerto Rico Banco Popular Y De Desarrollo Comunal debit PLATINUM 44159063
France Natixis debit BUSINESS 497549844
United States ROYAL BANK OF CANADA credit TRADITIONAL 451435
France debit TRADITIONAL 49900577
United States debit TRADITIONAL 483203120
United States Trico Educational F.c.u. debit BUSINESS 43150442
United States credit STANDARD 484620
France Natixis credit GOLD 497422720
Russian Federation Jscb Moscow Industrial Bank debit TRADITIONAL 48093809
Georgia Mbna Europe Bank, Ltd. debit TRADITIONAL 420672486
France credit GOLD 49902082
United States Banco De Occidente, S.a. credit TRADITIONAL 45572216
Oman debit PLATINUM 460012947
Czech Republic Ge Money Bank, A.s. credit ELECTRON 424336511
United States Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit STANDARD 403621
United States debit TRADITIONAL 43865177
Côte d'Ivoire debit TRADITIONAL 46514986
United States Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. debit TRADITIONAL 46040357
United States Topcard Service, S.a. credit TRADITIONAL 41342912
Luxembourg Banque Invik, S.a. credit TRADITIONAL 45676914
United States Financiera Bermudez Y Valenzuela S.a. Compania De credit BUSINESS 45132318
Puerto Rico Firstmerit Bank, N.a. credit SIGNATURE 44910190
Canada Toronto-dominion Bank credit CLASSIC 452332
Spain Mbna America Bank debit ELECTRON 48005625
Congo debit TRADITIONAL 44832713
Burkina Faso Mercantile-safe Deposit And Trust Company debit TRADITIONAL 40194406
France Natixis debit TRADITIONAL 49756711
United Arab Emirates Dubai Bank Pjsc debit TRADITIONAL 443851459
France Natixis debit BUSINESS 497422530
Guinea debit PLATINUM 46410934
Cambodia debit GOLD 47808437
United Kingdom Cater Allen, Ltd. credit PLATINUM 47929479
Uruguay Directions C.u. credit TRADITIONAL 44523575
United States Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. debit TRADITIONAL 425048
United Kingdom Citifinancial Europe Plc credit PURCHASING 440669
Saudi Arabia credit INFINITE 45569796
Congo debit PLATINUM 46411334
New Zealand Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce credit GOLD 45054997
Australia credit PLATINUM 44642058
Argentina BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA credit SIGNATURE 453562
United States National City Bank debit TRADITIONAL 44896377
Kenya Oak Hill Banks debit TRADITIONAL 44944635
Russian Federation credit NULL 44697230
United States Bank Danamon debit TRADITIONAL 43904048

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