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VISA - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Type Sub Brand BIN
Singapore debit PLATINUM 48115566
United States Bank Of Tennessee credit SIGNATURE 45540091
United States Umpqua Bank debit BUSINESS 407208
United States DUTRAC COMMUNITY C.U. credit BUSINESS 474396
Jordan Citizens Banking Company debit TRADITIONAL 41091564
Turkey Turkiye Is Bankasi, A.s. credit GOLD 454359
Bahrain Arab Bank Plc debit PLATINUM 447525569
Guinea-Bissau debit TRADITIONAL 42045576
United States First National Bank Of Elmer debit TRADITIONAL 406648
Germany Deutscher Sparkassen Und Giroverband credit TRADITIONAL 44759545
United States credit TRADITIONAL 48184625
Canada credit BUSINESS 48113175
Venezuela The Toronto-dominion Bank debit TRADITIONAL 45217474
United Arab Emirates Hsbc Uae credit STANDARD 491260
United States Credit Agricole, S.a. debit TRADITIONAL 45586226
Canada credit TRADITIONAL 48180915
France credit INFINITE 44632319
United States Seasons F.c.u. debit TRADITIONAL 44944522
United States Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. debit TRADITIONAL 46063327
Russian Federation debit GOLD 470378
United Kingdom credit TRADITIONAL 43000042
United States Blackhawk Community C.u. debit TRADITIONAL 400226
Kyrgyzstan debit TRADITIONAL 46514961
Saudi Arabia Deutsche Bank Ag credit INFINITE 46019076
United States Clydesdale Bank Plc debit TRADITIONAL 45111283
Hong Kong Dbs Bank (hong Kong), Ltd. credit PLATINUM 45395073
United States debit TRADITIONAL 44980241
United States Southern F.c.u. credit TRADITIONAL 410464
Denmark Nicu Dinu's Bank debit TRADITIONAL 44933526
Togo United Nations F.c.u. debit TRADITIONAL 40194147
Russian Federation Credit Bank Of Moscow (cbm) credit GOLD 44327232
Jordan Citizens Banking Company debit TRADITIONAL 41091543
South Korea Bc Card Co., Ltd. credit INFINITE 490020
Poland debit TRADITIONAL 419964
United States Teller, A.s. credit TRADITIONAL 46719592
United States Otp Banka Hrvatska D.d. debit TRADITIONAL 41465055
France Credit Agricole, S.a. credit INFINITE 45586875
United States debit BUSINESS 42749577
United States U.s. Bank, N.a. credit STANDARD 483335
France debit TRADITIONAL 49900522
Venezuela The Toronto-dominion Bank debit TRADITIONAL 45217521
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) credit TRADITIONAL 47969051
Dominican Republic Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc. debit TRADITIONAL 45479601
Egypt Arab Bank Plc debit ELECTRON 447527138
United States Friendship State Bank credit TRADITIONAL 44207175
Ukraine Aib Group (uk) Plc debit TRADITIONAL 44623604
United States credit TRADITIONAL 44199814
United States Citibank (south Dakota), N.a. debit GOLD 44632534
Italy debit TRADITIONAL 423067
Denmark Danske Bank debit VISA/DANKORT 45714820
United States Banco De Venezuela, S.a. credit CORPORATE 45572603
United Kingdom Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. debit TRADITIONAL 44913216
United States Banco Del Cafe, S.a. credit TRADITIONAL 43345835
United States credit BUSINESS 439799
United States Inversiones Fedeban, S.a. debit TRADITIONAL 45172484
Nigeria debit TRADITIONAL 44997652
United States Green Dot credit TRADITIONAL 48925681
Yemen Arab Bank Plc debit TRADITIONAL 447523332
United States National Bank Of Earlville debit TRADITIONAL 426413
Kazakhstan credit PURCHASING 486504
United Arab Emirates Aib Group (uk) Plc debit TRADITIONAL 44623707
Japan credit BUSINESS 47086629
Portugal Banco Espirito Santo, S.a. debit ELECTRON 451198
Austria Arab International Bank debit TRADITIONAL 44756793
Japan Credit Saison Co., Ltd. credit GOLD 45419081
Rwanda debit TRADITIONAL 48348809
United States Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc. credit TRADITIONAL 45478993
Mexico credit GOLD 44013326
Azerbaijan Bank Respublika Ojsc debit TRADITIONAL 405623
United States debit TRADITIONAL 44632362
Oman debit PLATINUM 460012404
Cyprus credit CORPORATE 40102407
Oman debit PLATINUM 460012961
United States Icba Bancard debit TRADITIONAL 418529
United Arab Emirates Dubai Bank Pjsc debit ELECTRON 443851852
France Caisse Nationale Des Caisses D'epargne (cnce) credit TRADITIONAL 49781056
United States debit BUSINESS 470145
United States credit TRADITIONAL 41104789

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