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MASTERCARD - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Type Sub Brand BIN
United States credit NULL 546083
United States debit CIRRUS 58234503
Estonia debit MAESTRO SMALL BUSINESS 67652766
United States Star Processing, Inc. debit HSA NON-SUBSTANTIATED 519429
Russian Federation Joint Stock West-siberian Commercial Bank credit GOLD 54229105
Latvia debit CIRRUS 67613079
Germany debit STANDARD PREPAID 55046206
Poland debit CIRRUS 67637897
Belarus Priorbank Jsc credit PLATINIUM 54264578
United Kingdom Westpac Banking Corporation debit STANDARD PREPAID 51649511
United States debit CIRRUS 58871037
United States debit CIRRUS 56718533
Ireland debit DEBIT 51733757
Ukraine credit NEW WORLD 52460846
Russian Federation E. SUN COMMERCIAL BANK CO., LTD. credit NEW WORLD 52804167
United Kingdom credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 53055567
United States Lasalle Bank, N.a. debit DEBIT OTHER 2 EMBOSSED 52748508
Czech Republic Ge Money Bank, A.s. debit CREDIT IMMEDIATE DEBIT 54355493
Hong Kong WING HANG BANK, LTD. credit GOLD 54029092
Malta debit DEBIT 53559783
Slovenia debit CIRRUS 67714188
Malaysia Citibank Berhad credit CREDIT 540256
United States debit DEBIT OTHER 2 EMBOSSED 557567
Germany Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. credit GOLD 54928835
United States debit CIRRUS 56237380
United States debit CIRRUS 56686469
Turkey Hsbc Bank, A.s. credit STANDARD 51265197
Hungary Mkb Bank Zrt. debit DEBIT 53341885
United States debit CIRRUS 57760293
Cambodia Singapore Banking Corp., Ltd. credit STANDARD 522178
Nigeria Westpac Banking Corporation debit UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT 51649193
Germany Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit MBS 52154500032
United States Rbs Citizens, N.a. credit WORLD 51551599
Denmark debit CIRRUS 674286
Hungary Central-european International Bank (cib Bank) Rt. debit COMMERCIAL DEBIT 55607364
France Mastercard France S.a.s. credit GOLD 51374157
Russian Federation debit MAESTRO 676841
United States debit MAESTRO 621026
United States Faysal Bank, Ltd. credit CORPORATE 52411282
United States debit MAESTRO 508125
Brazil Caixa Economica Federal credit PLATINIUM 554932
Germany United Export Import Bank credit NEW WORLD 54907638
United States debit DEBIT OTHER 2 EMBOSSED 52749392
Hungary Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. debit DEBIT 53181405
United Kingdom credit STANDARD PREPAID 51734930
Hong Kong Citibank (hong Kong), Ltd. debit MAESTRO 666036
United Arab Emirates debit UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT 54182445
Japan Nippon Shinpan Co., Ltd. credit CREDIT 521479
United States Leebank debit DEBIT 551613
United States First National Bank Of Fremont credit WORLD 543582
United States debit MAESTRO 504530
United States North Community Bank debit HSA NON-SUBSTANTIATED 541821
CuraƧao Maduro & Curiels Bank N.v. credit BLACK 515814
Japan Uc Card Co., Ltd. credit CREDIT 525093
Austria VISA AUSTRIA debit CIRRUS 670100
Hong Kong U.s. Bank National Association, Nd debit UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT 53033534
Egypt Alexbank debit UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT 531447
United States debit MAESTRO 503077
France MASTERCARD FRANCE S.A.S. credit GOLD 51375769
United Kingdom credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 53055555
Czech Republic debit COMMERCIAL DEBIT 5168930150
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Postova Banka, A.s. credit GOLD 54806988
United States debit MAESTRO 640493
Ireland R Raphael And Sons Plc credit MBS 54460861
Bosnia and Herzegovina debit COMMERCIAL DEBIT 535622
Kazakhstan credit NEW WORLD 52699444
Hungary debit CIRRUS 67642715
Russian Federation credit GOLD 54493931
United States debit MAESTRO 586356
Taiwan Metabank credit WORLD 51551197
United Kingdom Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit MBS 52154613
Sweden debit CIRRUS 67668271
Japan credit GOLD 54607034
Hungary Raiffeisen Bank, Ltd. debit DEBIT 52483648
Croatia debit CIRRUS 67684214
United States debit CIRRUS 58773479
United States debit CIRRUS 50159473
France Banque Federative Du Credit Mutuel (bfcm) debit STANDARD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 51364613

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