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MASTERCARD - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Type Sub Brand BIN
United States debit CIRRUS 56657545
United States Fia Card Services, N.a. credit WORLD 552425
Lithuania debit CIRRUS 67637622
United States debit MAESTRO 589768
United States debit MAESTRO 503614
United States Chase Manhattan Bank Usa, N.a. debit HSA NON-SUBSTANTIATED 511454
Luxembourg credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 53351282
The Netherlands Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit MBS 52153980
United States credit FLEET 556912
France Europay France Sas debit CIRRUS 63907844
United States Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit CREDIT 51802753
New Zealand Kiwibank, Ltd. credit BUSINESS 556047
Poland debit CIRRUS 67642218
United Kingdom credit FLEET 556353
Australia Orchard Bank (hsbc Group) credit STANDARD 51551462
Japan Credit Saison Co., Ltd. credit GOLD 52521483
Nigeria Zenith Bank credit STANDARD PREPAID 533301918
Cyprus credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 54284936
United States Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. credit STANDARD 549530
Poland credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 55300886
Australia Heritage Building Society, Ltd. debit UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT 538636
Costa Rica Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.a. (bank Pekao Sa) credit GOLD 54208403
United States Concord Efs National Bank debit PREPAID DEBIT EMPLOYEE INCENTIVE 54469924
Croatia debit CIRRUS 60201952
Montenegro Atlas Banka A.d. credit PREPAID 5364387542
Canada Cuets Financial debit GLOBAL PAYMENT 531736
Canada Pnc Bank, N.a. credit STANDARD 520204
Spain Mastercajas, S.a. credit STANDARD 554006
France Mastercard France S.a.s. debit STANDARD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 51323935
Nigeria Zenith Bank credit STANDARD PREPAID 533301789
United States Chase Bank Usa, N.a. debit DEBIT OTHER 2 EMBOSSED 54172577
Lithuania Jsc Siauliu Bankas credit PLATINIUM 55702196
South Korea Ozaukee Bank credit STANDARD 54881616
Sri Lanka Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank, Ltd. credit STANDARD 529305
United States credit STANDARD 535055
Democratic Republic of the Congo Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. credit TITANIUM 51492692
France debit CIRRUS 56125694
Australia Westpac Banking Corporation debit STANDARD 516544
United States debit MAESTRO 562558
Myanmar Western States Bankcard Association credit PLATINIUM 54560594
Japan Toyota Finance Corporation credit STANDARD 557850
Canada Bank Of Montreal credit PLATINIUM 519630
United States debit MAESTRO 579542
Russian Federation credit PLATINIUM 52238607
Belgium debit CIRRUS 67035991
Tunisia Societe Monetique-tunisie credit STANDARD 545574
United Kingdom credit STANDARD PREPAID 51287394
Japan Bank Of America credit STANDARD 54870584
United States debit CIRRUS 57906418
Russian Federation Cjsc Commercial Bank Citibank credit STANDARD 54078809
United States debit MAESTRO 603609
United Kingdom Home Retail Group Personal Finance, Ltd. credit NULL 544624
United States debit CIRRUS 57285033
Germany Overseas Union Bank, Ltd. credit STANDARD PREPAID 54590175
United States First Regional Bank debit PREPAID DEBIT OTHER 511021164
Italy debit DEBIT 53544839
United Kingdom debit WORLD DEBIT EMBOSSED 53552251
United States Community Bancservice Corporation, Inc. credit WORLD 54636278
Qatar Commercial Bank Of Qatar, Ltd. credit STANDARD PREPAID 522445
United States debit MAESTRO 582980
United States debit CIRRUS 60355186
Macedonia debit MAESTRO 677683
United States Norwest Bank Iowa N.a. debit NULL 531097
United States First Usa Bank, N.a. credit STANDARD 531606
France FIFTH THIRD BANK credit CORPORATE 52437969
Poland Westpac Banking Corporation debit DEBIT 516896
Canada Bank Of Montreal credit STANDARD 519916
Oman credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 52735868
Switzerland debit CIRRUS 671004
United States Jack Henry And Associates debit PLATINIUM 559414
United States debit CIRRUS 56009866
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Unicredit Bank Slovakia, A.s. debit STANDARD PREPAID 54009466
United States debit CIRRUS 58788861
Finland credit STANDARD PREPAID 52368213
United States debit MAESTRO 577267
United States AXIS BANK LIMITED debit NULL 535011
Russian Federation Gazprombank Ojsc credit GOLD 54900003
United States debit MAESTRO 572052

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