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MASTERCARD - frequently checked BINs with bank informations, card types, networks and others

Name Bank Issuer Type Sub Brand BIN
Japan Central Finance Co., Ltd. credit CREDIT 521922
France Mastercard France S.a.s. credit STANDARD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 51303908
United States Banco Santa Cruz, S.a. debit PREPAID DEBIT CONSUMER INCENTIVE 54897490
United Kingdom debit COMMERCIAL DEBIT 535200
El Salvador Commonwealth Bank Of Australia credit BLACK 521772
France Santander Cards Ireland, Ltd. credit CORPORATE 51830851
Austria debit PREPAID GOLD 53422861
Spain Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit MBS 52154546
United States Public Jsc Unicredit Bank debit UNEMBOSSED PREPAID STUDENT 51817195
United States Metabank credit CREDIT 51546311
United States Canadian Tire Bank credit WORLD 54463523
United States credit GOUVERNMENT COMMERCIAL 52625494
United States debit CIRRUS 58731276
South Korea Ozaukee Bank credit STANDARD 54881677
United States debit MAESTRO 640261
Ukraine credit WORLD 54984970
United Arab Emirates credit STANDARD PREPAID 5276393818
United Kingdom credit STANDARD PREPAID 53205058
United States Fidelity Information Services, Inc. debit PREPAID DEBIT OTHER 520552
United States Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. debit WORLD DEBIT EMBOSSED 557242
Poland Bank Millennium, S.a. credit STANDARD 549246
Germany Chase Manhattan Bank Usa, N.a. credit MBS 51168922
United States debit MAESTRO 642393
Russian Federation Vtb Bank (open Joint Stock Com Pany) credit GOLD 517647
Kenya debit DEBIT 52468104
Croatia debit CIRRUS 60201867
Germany credit MBS 51952425
United States debit CIRRUS 58387988
Belgium credit PLATINIUM 51754322
China Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China, Ltd. credit STANDARD 548259
Spain Banco De Sabadell, S.a. credit STANDARD 541077
Denmark debit DEBIT GOLD 55738431
United Kingdom Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a. credit MBS 52154912
France Credit Agricole debit STANDARD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 51314125
United States debit MAESTRO 573850
United States credit DEBIT BUSINESS 55301682
Lebanon credit CORPORATE 55301241
United States State Bank Of India, Chicago debit DEBIT 519462
Philippines Bank Of The Philippine Islands credit GOLD 54551279
Germany credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 55515817
Germany debit CIRRUS 67251027
United Kingdom MASTERCARD FRANCE S.A.S. credit MBS 51379693
United States Fidelity Information Services, Inc. debit CIRRUS 54121701
Ukraine UBS AG credit WORLD 54517212
Italy Euro Kartensysteme Eurocard Und Eurocheque Gmbh credit CREDIT BUSINESS PREPAID 55471475
France debit STANDARD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 5323470700
Luxembourg credit STANDARD 52444492
United States debit CIRRUS 58849266
Norway Fokus Bank Asa credit STANDARD 52181239
Indonesia Citibank credit PLATINIUM 55204211
Tunisia Societe Monetique-tunisie credit CREDIT 543037
Thailand KRUNGTHAI CARD PUBLIC CO., LTD. credit WORLD 52391043
United States debit MAESTRO 640548
Germany debit CIRRUS 67126831
United States Metabank debit DEBIT OTHER 2 EMBOSSED 52749116
China Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit GOLD 51765076
United States Mbna America Bank, N.a. debit QUANTUM 520082
France Mastercard France S.a.s. debit GOLD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 51323957
Czech Republic debit CIRRUS 67611061
United Kingdom Card Services For Credit Unions, Inc. credit MBS 54943070
United States debit MAESTRO 642155
Germany debit DEBIT 52977002
United States debit CIRRUS 711074
Egypt Westpac Banking Corporation credit STANDARD 51601215007
Hungary credit STANDARD IMMEDIATE DEBIT 51431295
Thailand credit PURCHASING 55537071
Germany Verband Der Sparda Banken E.v. charge STANDARD 525627
United States Jack Henry And Associates debit DEBIT OTHER 2 EMBOSSED 553775
South Africa Standard Bank Of South Africa, Ltd. credit PLATINIUM 55206551
Austria credit GOLD 52239056
Germany debit CIRRUS 672433
Saudi Arabia debit DEBIT 529741
Russian Federation Asian Pacific Bank Ojsc credit PLATINUM IMMEDIATE DEBIT 54488678
Hungary debit CIRRUS 67623678
United States debit CIRRUS 52586420
South Korea Altalanos Ertekforgalmi Bank Rt. credit STANDARD 51019403
United States Pscu Financial Services, Inc. credit CREDIT 5410092222
United States debit CIRRUS 57150407
United Arab Emirates Citibank credit STANDARD 54598708

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